February 9, 2015

out with the old, in with the new

The last few weeks it has seemed we have been experiencing a lot of new things, pretty normal I guess when you're settling into a new place.

Got some new headphones to make studying a bit easier for my sweetheart...
Sanna is modeling them for y'all...

Using my new smoothie maker that I got from my parents for Christmas... yum!

Picture of new snow... that's about the most snow we've seen this whole winter...

This was a new experience for us... Griz shoved a big piece of foam up his nose, and had it in his nose most of the day.  I was helping him brush his teeth that night and he had his head tilted back and by some miracle I saw it and remembered him mentioning something about it.  We got out the pen light and luckily Brent was able to see it well enough to remove it.

This is Brent's new life at home...

Got a new couch (no pictures yet but it's still a super exciting new thing for us YAY!!!!!)

Griz decided I needed a new look... amazingly enough it is somewhat captured on film, here is how it happened

So in case the video wasn't clear, Griz punched 
my phone into my mouth which in turn broke my tooth.

No, that is not a picture of Jim Carey from dumb and dumber that you see above

It is indeed a picture of MY mouth.
I went in today and had it filled (no dental insurance so it cost a pretty penny) but it looks normal again.  Unfortunately it is still sensitive danggit.

Enough about THAT, a few things about the kids...
Chico is totally blossoming in his academics all the sudden.  I think his new school is challenging him better and he is just really showing such improvement in just the short time we've been here. I'm so grateful that we were able to have that change, his new class is so much smaller than it was in Utah and they are giving him so much more of the attention he needs so that he can catch up to where the other kids are at. He woke up early this morning and instead of asking to watch a t.v. show on netflix he grabbed his pad of paper so he could practice his two digit addition.  He is also constantly telling me historical stories he heard in school. I'm loving it!

We have been talking about outer space a lot lately. Griz stays quiet and listens and observes while we talk.  So on this particular occasion, we were talking about how the earth orbits and spins, Griz went outside without telling us why and stood there on the porch looking at the sky.  He came back in and whispered to me, "the earth don't spin around".  He is such a cutie and so confident. He is quieter about the things he knows but I love it when he will tell me the things he has learned from wild kratts and what not.

Sanna is talking more and more.  Some new words are "cheese" (as you saw in the video above), "more",  and now my mind is blank.  I will add more as I think of them. She thinks she is a big kid and eats like a big kid (sometimes more than the boys).  She is daddy's little girl and she's got him wrapped around her finger. :) Honestly though, she's got us all wrapped around her little finger.  She's the one who runs the show around here. :)

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