February 17, 2015

Mono & Snow Day

Last weekend I started feeling "off" (mild fevers, extra sleepy, swollen lymph nodes all down the side of my neck).  It was on the same day my tooth got broken so I figured it was probably just related to that.  Sanna started having fevers Monday evening all night and it turned out a girl in Sanna's nursery class came down with strep and they had been together in nursery (before they knew she had it) so we were worried she was exposed.  So Tuesday I decided to take her in to the doc.  Since I wasn't feeling well either I asked them to test me at the same time.  Sanna's was a virus. And mine was "mono", also a virus.
My friends in my ward have been so helpful, taking good care of me, bringing in dinners and offering to help where they can.  The Lord is really blessing me because my case doesn't seem to be as bad as I've heard it can be.  Granted I'm exhausted and taking care of Sanna while she's sick is hard even when your healthy so that was really hard, but I'm pretty good at putting off housework and taking it easy when I need to. ;)
We got snowed in yesterday! It's about an inch of snow out there but it shut down the schools for Monday and Tuesday! I guess with how freezing cold it is out there, the ice is super bad so it's not safe to drive.  I'm going a bit stir crazy but hopefully the ice melts soon so I can get out of the house!

 I took some video of Sanna and I playing the piano together.  She likes to sing along in her cute toddler voice.  It's so sweet. These pics are after she didn't want to play piano anymore, just wanted to show off how good she was at standing and dancing on the piano bench.

Griz got his Orangutan all dressed up for a school picture, he brought the stool out into the front room and sat him on there and asked me to take his portrait.  This cute kid and his "ape". Yes, he calls it an ape and an orangutan.  He knows its an ape, not a monkey. Smart kid. :)

Sanna wanted a turn to say "cheese". 
I was trying to get her off the bench which made her really ticked off. She has started this new thing where every once in a while when she is very upset she will suck all four of her fingers.  It's like a variation of what  Griz does, like she tried it out to copy him one time and then decided she liked it.

And then lastly Griz's turn.  Silly kids.

So I got my tooth fixed last Monday... good as new! (I'm not allowed to eat apples or foods like that with my front teeth anymore though, the dentist said it could break the filling off) 

I told Griz to come pose in the selfie with me to show that my tooth was all better (he felt so terrible that he had broken my tooth).
And then we started taking silly pictures of each other... here are a few...

My scarf is a fun accessory apparently. :) 

Griz took this picture.

And now, pictures from the snow day that shut the city down for drum roll please...3 days!
I guess since snowstorms aren't that common out here they don't have the snowplows to take care of the scary roads. The ice is pretty bad out there I guess so inside we stay going slightly crazy having a blast! The neighbors downstairs started sledding on some bin lids, Griz thought it looked fun so I sent him out there.  Chico saw it and thought it looked fun and joined too.  Eventually Sanna and I made it out there too. I only lasted a couple minutes. It was SOOO cold.  My fingers were in pain for 10 minutes after I came in. I can't imagine how my poor kids ankles were feeling!!! (Time for new snow pants it looks like!)
(These first three pics are from the warmth of my bedroom)

(these next four pics are from when we joined them)

Sanna went sliding way faster than she was comfortable with.

The fence and pokey branches at the bottom were a little annoying. :)

Last night the kids were doing there obligatory trashing of the house right before bed, we had the camera out for a different purpose (taking pics of a product we think we were scammed on) and so while I had it in my hands I turned to them and took this pic...
 then I told them to say cheese...
 they all said it in unison, even Sanna, it was quite remarkable actually! And adorable.
I sent them to bed finally. Sanna was in such a cute mood that when she climbed into bed with Griz I just didn't have the heart to make her come down.  She was laying like a little angel with the BIGGEST grin on her face.  

Chico was acting like a ninja. It was so fun and funny and cute too.  He loves his drawing pad.  He creates cool pictures and he loves practicing his math and words.

One cute thing Sanna learned the other day is how to say "off" and "on"

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