February 22, 2015

Hammin for the camera

So, it used to be kinda difficult to get the kids to smile for a picture.  All the sudden though since Sanna learned to ham it and say "CHEEEZ!" the boys all the sudden love getting their picture taken too.  Still the majority of the pics are of her, but what toddler doesn't steal the show? Am I right?! Don't mind the messy faces...

She put on Grizwald's boots all by herself.  Looking good!

The look in her eyes in this next one... kills me, she is a hoot.

So grateful for our new couch.  I don't know what we would have done without it these last few weeks.  Brent can study there for hours and it is so much more comfortable to lay on... which I have been doing quite a bit of lately with my mono.

Todays words to add to the list that Sanna now can say are, "sowy" (sorry) & "piyo" (pillow)  She's kind of obsessive about having a pillow behind her back when she's sitting at the couch. She'll freak out until she has it just right.

Oh, and p.s. we're still a no-go on school and even church was cancelled today.  That was a WHOLE week of school cancelled. Tomorrow is cancelled too because the ice didn't melt enough today.  Come on ice.... MELT!!!!  (Chico and Brent are loving it so they'd be sad to hear me talking this way) 
Oh, and p.p.s. my mono is still kickin my butt.  Nausea and fatigue have been terrible, so bad that Brent was starting to tease me that maybe I was pregnant and he was pretty convinced he was right until I showed him with a calendar how that was utterly impossible. :)  My lymph nodes are swollen causing some discomfort but I can live with that. I just wish the nausea would go away.  Oh and another annoying symptom that thankfully hasn't been as bad today is upper eyelid swelling.  It felt like I had been sobbing for an hour when I hadn't cried at all... and that feeling lasted for two days straight.  Glad that went away! I was reading in one of Brent's textbooks yesterday about mono symptoms... some people have it A LOT worse than I have it so I'm just grateful mine isn't a severe or extreme case.

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Ellye Wong said...

It makes us so happy to see the huge smiles all all the kids especially Sanna. She is changing so fast and so beautifully! Sorry about the miserably, continuous mono symptoms and horrible snow and ice keeping you all snowbound!