July 15, 2016

Ghosts & Cuties & Instagram/Cell Phone Photos

Fireflies have been so much fun to see and catch this summer.  Brent was curious if we could capture them in a picture.  While he failed at that, he started taking some "ghost" pictures of the kids and the neighbor kids. They had so much fun posing for them like zombies.

The kids have all been riding their bikes a lot lately. This cute little lady loves it and is getting quite good. Soon I'll have to post some videos of my dare devil boys.

 We got a pass to the Discovery Park of America and have gone several times already. The first time we went we tried to fit everything in and see it all.  

Chico saw this Rocket engine and said "can I build one of these someday!?"

Our leaning tower of pizza.... Pizza crust that is. We were at a pizza buffet in union city with Brent after discovery park. Who wants to waste space for the crust! Ha ha.

Oh girls camp. Teenage girls make me smile. I was asked to be a guest speaker at stake girls camp yesterday. I don't know if I did too well at the speaking part but hopefully my art did more of the speaking for me. Anyway as I was leaving I stopped in the bathroom and saw these pictures all over the stalls and just had to take a picture. Ha ha.

Something about summer time makes me just want to lay around and let the kids watch tv all day. While we've still had a few shows a day, this summer instead of watching tons of shows we've been reading little house on the prairie. Savannah doesn't love it but the boys sure have! We've already finished one book and have started another. We've also been in the car a lot and have listened to the first Percy Jackson book and are now listening to Harry Potter book 3. I'm enjoying it just as much the kids (maybe even a bit more, ha ha)!

 Jumping into the sunset.

 Looks like someone jumped a little before we counted to 3. 😂...these cute boys have never done a diving board before but they did it at this birthday party like they've been doing it all their lives. I tried it once and was surprised how far I went down, it scared the crap out of me. Guess I weigh a bit more than I did as a teenager. Ha ha.

This crazy kid did a front flip off the diving board without any mental prepping or even telling me he was going to do it. #fearless #crazykid#keepsmeonmytoes

We took the kids to "Land between the Lakes" today to the Elk and bison prairie. We got there a little before the animals were most active so we pulled over and had a picnic of cherries and strawberries. It was really beautiful. A park ranger pulled over and showed us some antlers she had in her car too. We're glad we waited because as soon as we started driving the animals were out like crazy.

Griz actually let us take pictures with him. Though Brent wanted to be silly in his.

 I can't believe we forgot our camera. This is just about the best picture we got of the elk.
Don't worry we were driving really slow in an elk and bison viewing area so they were safe. Anyway, they LOVED getting to be unbuckled looking out the window and pointing out the wildlife. Poor Chico in the middle. :)

We were setting up for a newborn photo shoot and Brent had the little ones pose for him while he set up the lighting. Chico looks so handsome.

And Sanna's ballerina bun is so cute.

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