December 28, 2016

Family Pictures

We tried to find time all autumn long for our own family pictures. We kept putting it off because Brent was so busy. Finally right after RTC on the Friday before we moved we brought our tripod along with us to one of our favorite places in Paris... the Eiffel Tower Park. We would go on walks and bike rides at this park a lot. It was such a beautiful place to take the kids or go work out. I really wanted a nice picture to remember the beauty of this place. If we had taken the pictures a couple weeks earlier it would have been even better but luckily there were a couple trees that hung on to their leafs a little longer for the procrastinating Hatch family.
This first one was the winner shot... okay actually it's 3 pictures merged into one but we all look good and that's what matters.  I mean we were using a tripod and a 10 second timer, what do you expect!?

This next one kills me, Sanna is the queen of silly faces.

The rest of us trying our hands at silly faces.  Griz nailed it in this one.  Lol.

Kinda weird taking a "candid" shot with a timer on a tripod but we gave it a go, these next two are the ones that turned out....

The kids were awesome and really well behaved during our family pictures (which shocked me). Then we tried to take pictures of them alone and lost them.  They were running all over the park.  Somehow we coaxed them all into this next shot though and it turned out so adorably adorable:

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