December 28, 2016

Whirlwind leading up to the move

The Saturday before we were to move was crazy packed.  We had a swim meet in the morning, a baptism for the kid's friend right after, Brent had an errand to run up in Murray, and I was bound and determined to get the leaves out to the road before it rained that night.  Somehow we got it all done and even squeezed a few pictures in there and the kids got to have a playdate with their friend who got baptized.  Don't know how we did it. :)
The kids did great at their last swim meet.  Our last time at the Civic Center.  That place was good for us emotionally and physically.  We'll always have a special place in our hearts for the Civic Center, even if the pool was dirty and the lifeguards didn't pay attention. Anyway, pictures from the swim meet!

Griz's goggles broke right at the beginning of this relay, luckily his teammate's mom had an extra pair on hand right when we needed them.

Can't wait until Sanna can join in on their swim meets!

The kids LOVED raking up the leaves.  They helped a bunch and played a bunch in them.  They had the time of their lives. Wish I had done it more throughout autumn instead of procrastinating until the end... like always.  It sure did make for a giant pile which they jumped in and swam in once I got it by the front porch.
Oh man, going through these pictures is making me really home sick.  I know we're technically "home" here in Utah but I miss having our own place... and I'm missing that non snowy weather!

Sanna and Brent left to go shopping up in Murray for something while the boys and I finished getting the leaves into the front. We got some fun videos of them "swimming" and "diving" through the leaves.  Such cute guys.  They played until they were too cold to continue and it was almost dark. Then I went out and finished getting it down to the road for the leaf sucker truck to get it.
I literally got it done right as it got dark and it started raining half an hour after that. So crazy.
I dropped the boys off for their playdate then met Brent and did more errands with him. 

The next day was Sunday, time to say good bye to our Branch Family.  That was hard but not as hard as it was when we went up to Sister Newtons to visit her one last time and say goodbye to her. She's so sweet and dear to us.  A kindred spirit. We wished we could have taken her with us. She and my Grandma could be roommates. I think they'd get along so well. :)

That night Brent and I stayed up late working hard to get ready for the moving truck.  There is always so much more to do than you realize when you're moving.  Around 12:30 we finally collapsed into bed and then I was up again by 5:45 telling Brent it's time to get working again! We got the moving truck picked up nice and early right at 8:00 am in Union City.  The missionaries and a few guys from the Elders Quorum came to help.  We didn't get Patrick in this picture but he stayed most the day and helped with a lot of things and helped entertain the kids.

Elder Olsen was awesome to have in our Branch, we sure will miss him!

It took all day to get everything out of the house and crammed into that truck.  We were so grateful to the Roses for taking our washer and dryer. Those 16 foot trucks are sure smaller than I remember when we moved OUT to TN.  Somehow it all fit pretty much, we had to leave a few children behind but that's all. ;)
A few minutes before 6:00 pm we were all packed and ready to go and completely exhausted.

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