January 19, 2017


We drove from our place in Paris to Jackson, TN and stopped at Chick Fil A.  Then we went on until we got to Brinkley, Arkansas. Not a huge distance was covered that day, just about 3 hours total. We were so exhausted though... I should correct that... Brent and I were completely exhausted. Kids didn't seem tired at all...
(crappy cell pictures...)
I'm so glad Sanna loves the thought of sleeping on the floor in between our beds. It has made our recent road trips so much easier.

Griz insisted he would be quite comfortable on the chair.

 ...and then they ended up falling asleep in the weirdest positions. I can't put that picture on the internet cuz Chico would be mad but it's pretty funny. Once Griz was asleep I moved him from the chair onto the bed so he'd actually get some good sleep. The hotel was nice though there at that Super 8 and not expensive which was nice!

The next day we drove and drove and drove and drove (nearly 14 hours) and I called some family and friends and talked their ears off to help me stay awake because my van had the movies going in the back so I had no one to talk to up front and I don't think our walkie talkies were working that day.  Anyway, finally that evening we stopped just past Albuquerque, New Mexico at a town called Bernalilo at another Super 8. It wasn't quite as nice but still fine.  

I got out the nice camera while we were eating the next morning.  This picture below shows how hard it was for Brent to be happy that morning. We were now full on in the desert dry air of the West and his sinuses do NOT like it one bit.  He was miserable.

We decided not to get on the road as early that morning because Brent was watching the forecast and said the best time to drive through Price, UT would be later that evening so we had to plan it just right when to leave New Mexico.
Always good to have the camera on hand in case you come across something cool.... like wild horses!

All I had in my car however was my cell phone and these are a few pics that I took:

We made it through that last leg of our journey, slowly but surely.  I wasn't sure once we got to Moab  if I'd be able to make it the last 3 hours, my lack of sleep was catching up to me. So I went and took a power nap in the car while they looked at Rocks at the Rock Shop and did a bit of Christmas shopping.  Then we fueled up and I got a Mountain Dew and that got me perked back up.  Going through that last dangerous Highway wasn't bad. Brent took it nice and SLOW. Finally when we got to I-15 in the Provo area I said, "See ya honey! I gotta pee!" and I zoomed past him to Brent's mom's place where we will be living in their basement for a few months.  Brent made it safely a few minutes later and we collapsed in bed! That whole last leg took about 10 hours drive time.  So yeah, we went the longer route but it was warmer and safer than the Wyoming route would have been so I think it was worth it.

And that's that... sadly our chapter in Tennessee has come to a close (at least for the kids and I).  Now that it's been a month since we moved it makes me emotional thinking about it.  At the time I was too focused on the work that needed to be done but now I'm really missing life back in Tennessee.  There was something really special and nice about living out on our own.

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