January 23, 2017

Christmas Day

Christmas Day started quite early at the Hatch Household... Apparently having the tree right in their room was too exciting. Alvin came in our room at 2:00 am informing us that Santa had come and wouldn't leave us alone and woke up all his siblings by 3:30 so we let them look at and play with their santa toys for an hour and then I made them all go back to bed for two more hours and yet they still weaseled me out of bed by 6:00. Stinkers.

Brent bought the kids special rocks in Moab on the move out here.  He had them pick them out and then tricked them saying he couldn't buy them and sent them to the car where I was waiting and then he bought them anyway and hid them in the car.  Kids were pretty ticked off when it happened and pretty happy to receive them for Christmas!

Daddy was sick so no pictures of him.

Christmas was on Sunday this year so we had to get them ready for church after opening presents.  We were a little late of course too... not sure why since we were up SOOO early. Ha ha... oh yeah I remember. It snowed a BUNCH during the night. It took a while to dig out. :)

After church we recovered a bit and let the kids play with their toys and ate upstairs. THen we went to my mom's to open presents and eat monkey bread. Then we went to Grandma Coy's for her annual Christmas party.  It was fun but being there makes me miss grandpa every time.

I feel like I'm forgetting something so Brent fill me in where I"m forgetting.

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