January 26, 2011

January has flown by!

Is it just me, or has January passed in a blink of an eye!?
A couple weeks ago I was cleaning the kitchen and was deep in thought.  I usually am when I'm cleaning, it helps distract from the disgustingness I guess. :)  I was feeling very deeply the need for change in my life.  I have been feeling lately some self esteem issues in regards to the job I'm doing at being a wife and mother.  Brent always lifts me up and lets me know how much he's grateful to be married to me. The feelings I was having were coming from myself not him, just fyi. Anyway, I just have felt like I'm not living up to the wife and mother I always wanted to be.  There have been several conference talks from the past few years that have left me feeling like I need to use the internet less (facebook and blogs). So whenever I'd here those talks I'd resolve to do that, and then never follow through.  Well anyway, as I was cleaning the kitchen I felt strongly, SO strongly, that if I stopped getting on facebook and blogs every day it would be a healthy thing for me.
So that's what I did.  And I actually did it this time.  I resolved to only go on facebook and read other people's blogs once a week (on Saturdays).  The whole week I was so proud of myself.  It was so nice to not be running to my computer for escape every time I felt lonely or bored from being couped up in the house.  The best thing of all is, I resolved to do something, and I'm actually doing it.  That feels good.
Funny thing was, Saturday rolled around, and I didn't even feel like looking at Facebook. I did feel like reading all my friends blogs though, I do still enjoy that. :)
Chico got sick last weekend, he had a fever for 5 days straight, then he got pink eye on top of that.  Poor kid.   Chico has been SO grumpy so I hadn't had time to take care of myself.  Chico is improving but I'm afraid we spoiled him while he was sick and let him watch movies most of the time he was sick.  We watched The Incredibles probably AT LEAST 20 times over the last week.  It's a good thing it's a good show, or else it would have been thrown out the window by now. :) Now he STILL wants to watch tv as much as we were letting him which is leading to temper tantrums galore.  Awesome. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that Nelmo and I don't get it next! And if we do, let's hope it's when Brent is home for the weekend and can take care of us. :)

Before Chico got sick I had time to do a couple fun craft projects (all thanks to my decision to spend less time on the computer).  I mod podged a box to keep his toys in, it turned out so cute that I almost didn't let him have it for his toys! I would have kept it for myself, but I didn't really have any use for it, and he did, so there ya go.

Then the other thing I did was spend a lot of time making this beauty.

I saw a tutorial for a wreath on a blog using this technique for the roses, but I wanted to do it like this instead. How you do it is, you cut cardstock into circles and then make spirals out of those circles, then roll up the spiral and hot glue it together on the bottom, then stick it on the ball. I guess I could just give you the link to the tutorial... here.  I WAY underestimated how much time it would take.  I would not recommend this craft project unless you are way bored in the evenings and want something to do while you're watching tv or a movie.  It probably took me about 10 hours to complete and it uses A LOT of paper.  Luckily my mom let me have the supplies for free from her house so this project cost me whatever the Styrofoam ball cost and I already had the metal can thingy at my house. :)
It really does make for a cute Valentine decoration though and made it so I was able to decorate our front room for Valentines! Woot!

Other than the sickness, things have been great:  The sky has been blue. We have been able to have a few different friends over to our house since we have a front room now. We bought stands for backdrops and backdrop paper. I've been doing a 7 day menu which is awesome for dinner time. We're following "The Envelope System" (Dave Ramsey). I have printed some cute things for the frames on our walls. I am working on two cute craft projects for the boys' room, I can't wait to finish them! I also have some decorating ideas for curtains and wall hangings for our bathroom.  Wish me luck on those, I'm not the best seamstress! It may take a few months to finish those ones, lol. Nelmo is going to be 4 months next week, I pulled out the next size clothes for him out of storage because he's outgrowing everything and the clothes I pulled out were clothes that Chico fit in up until he was about ONE! Crazy!

I was really tired at the end of the day one night and I sat down and exclaimed, "I'm pooped!". Then Chico smiled and asked, "Mommy fart?"
Sure do love that kid!


Emily said...

Sar, I think you are an amazing mother, housewife, and the best sister a girl could ask for. I'm glad that you were able to set a goal and follow through with it - that is the best feeling in the world.

Joe and Raylene said...

Sarah, I am so proud of you. It really is a hard thing to stop checking online every 5 minutes to see what has happened on facebook and blogs. I have always been impressed by you friend. You seem to be an amazing mother and wife. I can feel that spirit of love when I am in your home. Heavenly Father only expects us to do our very best. Try not to let Satan creep in with those thoughts of inadequacy. I love you friend! You are so industrious making such a beautiful decoration. You are such a great example.

The Chaston's said...

Sarah! You are amazing and in inspiration! I also feel those feelings of not being the best mother and wife I can be and I feel that a lot of it comes from the time I spend on the computer instead of playing with my kiddos or cleaning the house! That is one reason while I am really starting a blog so I can really only focus on checking on the friends and family that I really want to check on instead of the 200+ people I don't really need to know about on Facebook! So we shall see if it works as well for me as it did for you :D. I love the flower pot you did and really want to see pictures of your other projects, especially how the box turned out!!