February 15, 2011

potty training is going well

(knock on wood!)
I've been so scared to potty train Chico, but so far it's still going well.  He finally has succesfully had a b.m. in the toilet twice!  He mostly only has accidents when we're distracted. Saturday he had a couple (we were way distracted Saturday, it was a busy day!) and this morning he pooped in his underwear.  It was so funny this morning when I was getting the piece of poop out of his underwear, he was watching me and he said, "Careful Mommy, that's poop."
What a goof.
Today we went to the aquarium. When we were leaving I asked Chico if he had fun and he said, "yeah, fun finding Nemo!" When we were looking at the penguins Chico told me to pick up Nelmo so that he could see them too. I think it's cute that he's aware and cares about his little brother. Yesterday my Grandma gave Chico a Valentines balloon, Chico went and showed it to Nelmo like he was sharing it with him.  I love seeing how much they love each other.
Nelmo gets the hugest smile on his face when he's either getting kissed on the cheek or neck, or when he's trying to get you to kiss his cheek or neck.  His mouth is open so wide, it's adorable.  He likes to eat my cheek after I've been kissing his.  It's so much fun being a mom, I feel so grateful.
Pictures from our Chinese New Year Celebration and Valentine's Day coming soon. As for now, I gotta go exercise off all the chocolate I've been eating the last few days!

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