February 28, 2011


Nelmo has pretty long hair for an almost 5 month old so a couple weeks ago I had the idea to do mohawks with the boys. Chico still talks about it, he thought it was so much fun. Nelmo looks like he's got some attitude in this first picture, cracks me up. :)


And now it's time for the part of the post I like to call Chicoisms:

Chico makes us laugh all the time, one time in particular was when he said to Grandma W, "I wanna dink a water!" She didn't understand him and she said, "huh"? So he assumed she just hadn't heard him and he yelled to her really loudly, "I wanna dink a water!!!"

Chico will say, "I'm a fine boy" all the time. I've also heard him say things like "I'm a poopin' boy", "I'm a sleepy boy", and the most common one is "I'm a happy boy". One morning he woke up in our bed and I asked him how he was, and as he was stretching he said with a content smile on his face, "aaah, I'm a happy boy".

He knows the ABCs... kinda. It's so cute to hear him sing it. One time in the car this is how I think he sang it: "A B C B it's a G H I J K LMNO Pee Pee Pee in the toilet seat..." and I didn't hear the rest because I was laughing too hard.

He's in the "why" stage. He asks me "fwhy?" or "swhy?" all the time. I'm not sure why he adds the f and s, but it sure is funny. Though it's getting a little old hearing him asking that over and over again.


The Chaston's said...

Super cute! I am hoping that with my blog that I will be better at writing down the funny things that Will says! Your boys are adorable!

horrocks_love said...

Oh man I understand the why thing!!! I get it all the time! I love the funny things these little toddlers say! Sometimes I think they know they're saying it wrong just to make us laugh!

Ellye Wong said...

Your blog and all the pics are adorable! I'm so proud of all that Chico does, and Nelmo's gorgeous eyes that make you fall like a ton of bricks for him! Love, Grandma W.