February 12, 2011

Workin' Hard

Chico is growing up so fast and wouldn't you know, we decided he was ready to be a big boy and get potty trained.  I thought I'd give it a try and Chico is doing pretty good.  He's had a lot of accidents but that's to be expected I guess.  The second day of potty training started out on a bad note, he had an accident while I was Visiting Teaching. I know, I shouldn't have brought him but I couldn't find my keys to take him to Christa's, I should have kept him on my lap but there is an awesome toy room and I knew he'd throw a temper tantrum if I made him stay on my lap, besides which, Nelmo needed to sit on my lap and it was only going to be a short visit and he had just had an accident before we left. Bah! The lady I was teaching had brand new carpet in her newly remodeled house.  It was a disaster of a visit, I sure learned my lesson.   I hope she'll let us come back.  And yeah, I'm not bringing Chico again.  So I threw a diaper on him at her house and was ready to just leave it on him and try again in a few months.  I was talking to Christa and she just finished potty training her 5th kid and has had lots of different personalities to deal with and I asked her advice.  Her advice was to keep at it and not give up because she wished she hadn't given up with one of her sons that reminds her a lot of Chico.  Anyway, so she let me come over to her house (since I was going crazy) and stay ALL day and share their dinner and family night with them.  Brent is at school late the night I was there so it was a HUGE blessing to me.  Chico loves being there and loved going potty in their toilet.  He still won't TELL me when he needs to go, I just have to keep my eye on him to see when he's acting weird.
Possibly as a result of this potty training Chico has developed a love for changing his clothes every 5 minutes (I thought only little girls did that?), and only wearing pajamas.
He also cleaned his room all by himself for the first time yesterday, he was so proud of himself, he kept saying: "I'm cweanin' up!" at first I tried to help him put the stuff in the right spot but he freaked out about that and so I just let him do his thing. :)  We just had to take a picture of it, it was so dang cute!

This whole potty training thing sure is exhausting.  I feel like I have to keep my eyes on Chico at all times.  Even Nelmo is feeling a bit tired from it all... look at the poor kid, he fell asleep in his exersaucer!


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