March 3, 2011

kinda feel like typing

I feel like writing right now even though my kitchen is beckoning for me to come clean it.  Chico is asleep on the couch, Nelmo is laying on the floor trying his darndest to sit up from a laying position.  So cute.
I have been looking at recipes planning my menu for the week.  You know what, I really like cooking. And you know what, someday I'm going to have a little link thing at the top of this blog that says "our favorite recipes" and then it will link you to fabulous pictures of fabulous foods that we have grown to love.  And you know what, some of those recipes will be created by yours truly.  I like saving money for our family by cooking.  I have grown to really love baking bread even though it is cheating by using a bread machine, it still tastes fabulous. :) I'm going to try to make bagels next... we'll see how that goes.

The boys are both slowly getting better. I have to say, I think they really should come up with something different for giving babies antibiotics for ear infections.  Talk about torture for my baby and for us.
I'm thinking of getting thick bangs that sweep to the side slightly.  I hated my bangs last time I had them because they were too thin I think.  What do you think?
I have little cracks all over my hands, it's been like that most of the winter but they've gotten to the point where it hurts to even do simple every day tasks. Anybody have any remedies they want to share?

Back to the kids...
Chico looked totally rockin at the library today.  He was in his dinosaur pajama pants with his tools shirt cowboy boots and sunglasses.  And you know what, I was okay with it.  He's 2, and he's adorable. I'm trying to remember he's still a toddler and not try to make him grow up too soon.

Chico's little brother is pretty rockin too...


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