March 23, 2011

Our Cute Kiddos

This is my cute little Chico. I've been wanting to do a portrait of him for some time now. I finally got him all ready when my backdrops were up. He smiled this first smile for me when I told him to.
And then he was a bit of a stinker the rest of the time.

A cute stinker though

An adorable stinker actually. :)

He promptly fell asleep 10 minutes after I finally gave up on the portrait session. That explains why he was being a stinker. :)

These pics of Nelmo were taken earlier that day when I was getting my lighting ready for a baby photo shoot. Nelmo was definitely in the mood to get his picture taken. I just LOVE how he scrunches up his nose when he gets excited!

If only I had combed his lusciously long scraggly hair. And put him in a cute outfit. Oh well, it wasn't his turn for a photo shoot this week. It was Chico's. :) Who knows, maybe someday I can try to do one of them together!? Nah, I don't trust Chico yet. :)


Emily said...

CUTENESS!!!!! Love them!!!

Joe and Raylene said...

Cutest kids ever!! I love that you have the backgrounds now. So awesome! You are such a professional!