September 6, 2011

A Quarter of a Century

First birthday present was from my boys. They both fell asleep mid morning in the front room.  Grizwald looks a little uncomfortable, poor kid must have been exhausted.


Chico looks so angelic and peaceful in this picture. I love my little boys so much!  Photobucket

Second birthday present was a picnic with some of my family during their lunch break! My Dad and Em both work downtown so Mom grabbed some Spanky's and we had a picnic at a park by the Church Office building. Photobucket Photobucket

Chico's "teeth" Photobucket Photobucket

Chico was anxious to run around. I mean we were at a park!!!! Photobucket

So Em, Mom and Dad all took turns running around with him. I however, sat on my rear end and just took pictures. :) 

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I finally captured the face Chico makes when he's trying to explain something to you. I'm so glad I caught it. Photobucket

Third and best part of the day was a date with my Sweetheart. He started the date off by giving me some beautiful flowers, then we went to The Cheesecake Factory so I could sink my teeth into this beautiful stuff: Photobucket

Mmmmm, Chicken Bellagio. We skipped out on getting cheesecake and went to Cold Stone instead.   Brent surprised me with a birthday cake from there! I've never had one and I LOVED it!


I seriously probably could have eaten the whole thing, it was really really good! We ate it at my parent's house (they were tending our kiddos) and I had a fun time watching my cute husband wrestle with the kids before we left. They sure love their daddy.

And they love me too. I feel so honored to be their mother and Brent's wife. Thank you family for all you do for me!



BHatch said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart! Those photos are so beautiful!

Toini said...


I hope it doesn't bother you that someone from Vendelsö, Sweden is reading your blog from time to time.

You two have such a beautiful family,
and I enjoy looking at your pictures.