September 8, 2011

this and that...

I wanted to record some things from recently so I don't forget them. I've already forgotten some, which kills me. I want to be better at writing down things about my kids.

Chico saw me pulling the sheets off my bed and he asked, "what you doin?" I said, "I'm changing the sheets" and he asked, "Did you pee in the bed?" . Lol, guess I better change the sheets more often so he knows that it's not an activity that is only done after he wets the bed! :) Another funny thing. Sometimes when I have to tell him to hold on and that I'll be there in a second but I really gotta go potty first! He pipes in and says, "afore (before) you pee your pants?" I always laugh when he says that and say, "yep! before I pee my pants!".
Today Grizwald was asleep and I was hanging out in my bed with Chico just like old times before the front room was finished. I started telling him about Halloween, asking him if he remembers it. Reminding him that he was a giraffe last year. That really got him laughing picturing himself as a giraffe. I asked him what he wanted to be this year. He put his finger to his chin and started tapping it like he so cutely does and said, "ummm, et me dink..." after thinking about it he said, "I ant a be a knight in shining armor!" (just like goofy from Mickey). I asked him what Grizwald should be and he said, "Martian Mickey". Not sure I want him to be that, we'll have to keep brainstorming on that one. :) I suggested to him that Grizwald could be his horse (since he's going to be a knight), Chico got a real good laugh out of that one.
After that Chico started telling me a story and when he finished I said, "I loved that story Chico!" which thrilled him and he asked, "you want me to tell it again?" and I said yes. So he just started talking a million miles a minute telling me a story then when he finished he asked, "you want me to tell another?" and I said yes and he started in again, "Unce pona time.." and we kept doing this over and over again.  Once when he finished I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek telling him how cute he was and what a good job he was doing. He talked a few seconds longer and then reached over and kissed my cheek in return. It was one of those moments I don't want to forget. He felt so loved and so confident. I want to have more moments like that with him. He was just in Heaven and I actually felt like a good parent.

Chico had me build him a fort with chairs and a blanket in the kitchen today.  He and Griz played under there a bunch together. They had come out for a while and done other things but then I saw Griz crawl off and go into the fort on his own! Chico and I got a good laugh out of that.

A few days ago I was out of clean sippy cups and didn't feel like washing one and I saw a nice clean bottle in the cupboard... I decided it wouldn't hurt to try and see if Grizwald would take it now that he's weaned from nursing. And boy howdy wouldn't you know, he loved that thing like it was his own mama.  It has been a lifesaver these past few grumpy teething days.  AND he is drinking more milk again.  WOOT!

And since a post isn't really complete without a picture, here you go!


BHatch said...

Don't forget about Griswold's first step on Labor Day while EVERYONE was watching him and our favorite neighbor in the world, R, was right behind him. I couldn't help from shouting out with joy.

Emily Davis said...

You are such a good mom, I love watching how well you interact with your boys!!