March 29, 2012

Super Why and Super Bunny

Brent has requested that I update this blog more frequently since he doesn't get to see the boys as much as he'd like. It makes his day to see new pictures and read about the cute things they do.  So I may be posting more often. Wahoo! Right?!
It really is a great way to remember things because I don't always scrapbook right away. When I come back to these posts I find things I've written that I never would have remembered about.  So... here's to keeping my husband (and any of you others that wish to read) up-to-date with our family and to keeping a record of our family! (Say, that's family history!)
A week or two ago I let Chico watch "Super Why" and for a couple days after that he wanted to wear a cape (his pillowcase). It was pretty dang adorable.  He looks like a super hero to me!!!

I can't get Grizwald to stop eating dirt. Any suggestions?

Maybe I should have waited until Easter to introduce our Rabbit, Flumper (combo of Fluffy and Thumper). We've had Flumper since she was a tiny little bunny back in November.
She's grown quite a bit and she is FAST! I can't catch her anymore. She scratches me when I pick her up and she tries to get out of my arms. And she eats my tulips and mum plants when she is outside. I really don't know what to do with her because I don't want her in the house either because she destroyed my carpet and she poops and pees all over the place. I'm keeping her locked in her cage while I think about it. Hopefully Brent can come up with a solution. I had a dream the other night that he set the bunny free and I was like, "NOOO now she's going to eat all my tulips!!!" ha ha, it was a pretty vivid nightmare.

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Emily Davis said...

a) I agree with Brent, your blog updates always make my day at work (I shared Chico's song from you last post with a few different coworkers).
b) Cheryl said to not worry about the dirt eating, he will eventually get out it. And as long as he stops eating the rocks along with the dirt, he should be fine.
c) I never knew the bunny's name before, I'm glad that I now know.
d) You rock.