December 7, 2012

Day after Thanksgiving

The day after Thanksgiving I decided (with a little help from Chico's nagging) to decorate for Christmas! We didn't have time to do the tree, but we put up the trinkets and nativity.  Brent pulled out the camera and captured the excitement of our sweet boys.

Photobucket Photobucket

Their reaction was so cute as I pulled out each piece of the nativity and told them what it was. "Oooh!"
Griz loved admiring (aka touching and playing with) everything he saw. Photobucket
Chico was very anxious about getting the bin all unpacked. Photobucket
The day after Thanksgiving is perhaps the most anticipated day of the year for Brent and I.  We drop off the kids at my parent's house and then go and have our first date all over again.   Every year (except for the original date of course) we have taken a picture at the parent's.  It's fun for me to look back at the pictures and see how the boys have grown. Even I look older, I didn't think 26 would look that different from 20 but I guess it does. Brent looks the same though I think. :)

Brent humored me and we took along our camera and did some video whilst on the date.  There is this great spot where they have lights shining so that people can stand there and take their picture. We slipped into the light and got this one.

I am so grateful that 6 years ago we got set up by Eli Jones, even though we already knew each other. Then Eli bailed on us so Brent and I went alone on the most awesome first date in the world. I am so grateful to be married to this wonderful man.

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Ginny Tilby said...

Oh I love your pictures!!! Chico and Griz are so big and SOOOO CUTE!!!!!! Seriously. They're GOOD looking kiddo's. Beautiful boys. You and hub also look good as ever. Dude your pics make me want to make sure to have a great camera when I'm in that stage of life!