December 3, 2012

dress up

I thought dress up was only a girl thing. But boy have my young men proved me otherwise.

These are some old costumes that the boys discovered...

This dragon outfit fit Griz last year, but Chico somehow squeezed himself into it.  

Griz was climbing up onto the counter so I helped him the rest of the way so that he could look at himself like he had wanted to. Brent grabbed the camera to capture this cuteness.

I don't know if a day has gone by in the last few weeks where he hasn't worn his Captain America suit, or as he calls it, his "hm-hm".

Brent was laying on the couch taking pictures of the kids and they were getting up in his face telling him to take pictures of them.  Too close to focus on but so dang cute.
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Chico put his suction darts on the end of this car, Brent felt it was so creative that he took a picture of it.

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