February 20, 2013

January... the month it felt like the snow would never stop falling

Although it snowed all month long, it really was a beautiful scene to behold all of that deep snow everywhere you went. It seemed like the snow took over our streets, parking lots, and driveways and made everything else shrink.

We were grateful for our helpful next door neighbor who snowplowed our steep driveway for us a few times, one time in particular was when we were all really sick so it was such a huge blessing. Here is a picture of him hard at work plowing another neighbor's driveway.

 photo IMG_5579.jpg  photo IMG_5569.jpg
We tried to capture just how deep it was by having the boys stand in the walkway. Don't know if it illustrates it very well, but the kids are sure cute!

 photo IMG_5583-1.jpg  photo IMG_5585-1.jpg

We were on our way to my parent's house so Brent could work on their house (skim coating the wall) while I took the boys outside in their yard to ski.

 photo IMG_5593.jpg  photo IMG_5597.jpg

I packed down a path with my skis. Oh, and if you're wondering what is up with Chico's coat, he's got his cape on underneath it. :)
 photo IMG_5608.jpg

And Chico got skiing right away!
 photo IMG_5619.jpg

Griz however had to wait for me to get his boots attached to his skis. I could not for the life of me to get it to work and I was getting pretty upset. Sweet Chico said to me in the sweetest voice as he quoted this thing he's heard before, "calm down, don't stress, take it easy".  It was just what I needed to hear.
 photo IMG_5623-1.jpg  photo IMG_5627-1.jpg  photo IMG_5633.jpg

I still couldn't get Griz's skis on my own so Brent took a break from the mudding and came out to help.
 photo IMG_5647-1.jpg  photo IMG_5651.jpg  photo IMG_5655.jpg  photo IMG_5663.jpg

Awesome Aunt Emily, look at her jeans!!!
 photo IMG_5665-1.jpg

We decided to try out their other hill and see how it was.
 photo IMG_5669.jpg

I had initially decided not to do it on this bigger hill because it leads to the road, but the snow was so deep on the other side of the sidewalk it acted as a nice soft wall to stop them when they got to the bottom, so it ended up being perfect and we stayed there the rest of the time!
 photo IMG_5676.jpg

Aww, it's a family picture! (My sweet Mom was out there holding my camera taking pictures this whole time by the way)
 photo IMG_5686-1.jpg  photo IMG_5695.jpg  photo IMG_5704.jpg

Griz was doing really well by this point. He could make it down without any help!
 photo IMG_5713.jpg

Chico of course was a pro, even if he couldn't see because his hat was on funny, lol. 
 photo IMG_5724.jpg  photo IMG_5733-1.jpg

Emily and Brent deserve awards for all their carrying of the boys up the hill over and over.
 photo IMG_5737-1.jpg

I stole the camera from my mom so she could be in a few pictures. And I'm glad I did because the light was getting really nice out there and I wanted to get some good ones.
 photo IMG_5738.jpg  photo IMG_5739-1.jpg  photo IMG_5742.jpg  photo IMG_5748.jpg  photo IMG_5752.jpg  photo IMG_5757.jpg  photo IMG_5761.jpg  photo IMG_5764-2.jpg

It was a really fun activity to break up the day and I'm glad Mom and Em could be a part of it. Hopefully one of these days we can actually teach Emily to ski too! I'm especially glad Brent took a break and stayed out there with us while we were skiing, everything is more fun when my hubby is there. :)

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Emily Davis said...

That was such a fun day!! I'm glad I was able to be with you guys, the snow is always better with family around who will play in it with you :)