August 5, 2013

Bond, James Bond

I wanted some horizontal portraits of the boys for my next crazy idea for our kitchen wall. I got the boys into their suits (very unwillingly mind you) and we headed out for some portraits. To loosen up and get him excited Brent had Chico do some super hero poses and what not. These are what followed and I LOVE them!

Grizwald was NOT in the mood to get his picture taken. It was my bad, I knew he wasn't but I wanted to try anyway.  We were lucky that we got the ONE picture of them together where he was smiling (see previous post). Mostly he was scowling at us, yelling at me, or wandering around for the majority of the time...

Brent tried his hand at cheering him up... which worked, except for when Brent left the scene he promptly took off again.

After Brent rounded up Griz again we tried some more pictures. Griz made a point to tell me to "do away".  He wanted me to go over and sit at the playground.
 Here he is yelling at me to "DOH OVOH DEHW!"

So we gave up on him and he got to go wander around and play. I like this one Brent captured...

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