August 2, 2013

Maternity Pictures

Brent took some maternity photos of me this evening. It isn't my favorite thing to be the subject of the pictures but we are celebrating something really wonderful, our sweet little lady is going to be here soon!
So here I am, almost 37 weeks pregnant...

So, Brent hacked into my blog, okay so it really is OUR blog, but anyway, he logged in and put these words in really large text throughout the photos. 
Oh, Yeah
Mm Bow Bow
 Chcka Chckah. 
Mm, Bow Bow.
Chck...Chcka Chckah. 

(They are the words to the song Oh Yeah by Yello, this is the link if you're not familiar with it)

That sweet man, he sure has made me feel good about myself . I keep catching him staring at these pictures when he is supposed to be filling out application stuff. He worked on them right away after he took the pictures and then showed them to me in the slide show with his favorite pictures (there were 45, I made him narrow it down to these 7 for the blog).  He didn't have to do much to them, the lighting was so good! Good job Sweetheart!  Anyway, when he turned on the slideshow and he so sneakily hit play on the music revealing the song"Oh Yeah" which he had just downloaded.  Initially I thought it was the song from Madagascar where the hippo sings about how he likes his girls chunky.  It made me laugh really hard.  That song probably would be more applicable to these pictures!

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