August 25, 2013

Home From the Horse-pistol

The first couple nights home from the hospital were interesting. Sanna really had a lot of problems with spitting up and it would wake her up when she'd do it. She couldn't handle laying in her crib, she had to be held or laying on her stomach.  I didn't know it was possible to be as tired as I felt. We made it through those first few nights though and as my milk has come in, her spittiness has seemed to die down a bit. She also can lay in her crib sometimes! We're making progress!
The boys just LOVE holding her so there has been a lot of that going on! Chico runs up to her all the time to look at her and touch and her and he'll say, "Oh! How are you my little one!?" 
We have had a lot of visitors too so she is just one lucky girl to be able to get to be held so often.  Brent has had a lot of studying and reading to do so it's fun for him to hold her while he studies.  Brent has been a SUCH a big help to me during this week. He has practically been waiting on me non-stop, and taking SUCH good care of the boys. I don't know what I'm going to do when the university starts up again tomorrow. I don't like to think about it.
Luckily I have help all around me. Family and friends have been a big help. There was just one night Brent had to be away and I just couldn't handle it all so my mom came and helped me get the boys to bed, kitchen cleaned up and laundry folded.  I was in so much pain that I mostly just watched her do it. I was so grateful for her help.  The next day I had another tender mercy for the pain by way of a new friend I made the night before Sanna was born.  She inquired if there was anything she could do to help and found out about the pain I was having and supplied me with some balm that helped immensely. Meals and treats have been brought in by loving friends and family. All for which we are so grateful.
But the biggest debt of gratitude I owe is to my loving Heavenly Father who has given us everything we have.  He loves and cares for me more than I can understand.  All I know and love is because of his love and tender mercies.  I hope I can live my life in a way that shows gratitude to him for his loving kindness.

Aunt Heidi came to visit Sanna and brought a few fun new toys for the boys to play with. The lizards were a big hit... and I guess Chico thought Sanna would like to have it on her face...

Sanna slept pretty much the entire time they were here.

And I sleep pretty much whenever I can grab a wink. 

"et me in!!!" is what he says as he stands at the screen door which he has mudified throughout the summer. Generally he is covered in mud when he is standing at the door, this is of course the rare occasion that he isn't. :) 

Chico decided to squeeze into Griz's Captain America suit. We shoulda gotten the legs in this picture, it REALLY doesn't fit Chico which is funny because it fit him okay last Halloween.

Gotta capture the crying face, it is so cute!

This is the angelic view I get to see as I look down at her laying on my chest.

Brent studying while holding a conked out baby.

I'm glad Brent captured this picture, it'll be fun to see how big she is in this in a few months.  Right now it looks ready to eat her alive. 

Griz loves to come up to her and kiss her head.

I pumped some milk and when she got close to the end of the bottle Chico asked if he could feed her. He did a pretty good job! He loves being a big brother!

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