February 17, 2010

a really nice weekend

Brent and I were together almost every minute of the nice long weekend.  He works 4, 10 hour shifts so he has Friday off.  So yes, we got Friday through Monday together.  It was awesome.  We got to go on a fun date to the Symphony on Saturday night because we happened to have tickets to it!  We stopped at Kmart on the way there to see if they still have a photobooth in the front of the store.  We were saddened to see that they do not.  So I ask you,
Does anyone know where there is a cheap photo booth in the Salt Lake Valley?
You know the kind where you squish your behinds together in on that little seat behind the curtain and you get 4 pictures on a strip?  I remember when Kimee and I went and did it at Kmart, they were only like a dollar each.  But that was like 8 years ago.
Anyway so while we were at Kmart we caved and bought a box of chocolates and Brent bought me a rose. We pretty much had half the box of chocolates downed by the end of the night.
The Symphony was BY FAR my favorite one we've been to.  Dvorak's New World Symphony.  Highly recommend it.  Honestly I don't know very much about symphonies and classical music, pretty much everything I know I've learned from Brent. So anyway I think this is a symphony that is accessible to everyone. Go ahead and look it up on You Tube and listen to it, I think you'll like it. :)
Church on Sunday was fun.  For Sharing Time this Sunday I was assigned to make a fool of myself to act out this fun roll play with the kids about a man falling into a hole.  I wore an extra long skirt to church knowing full well I would be flopping to the floor repeated times because we were doing this activity as one of three stations during Sharing Time.  So I had to do it 6 times total because Senior and Junior primary are separate. Most of the kids LOVED it, the only ones that rolled their eyes at me were the 10-11 year olds. But OH did the Junior primary LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  They were so excited to play make believe at church. It was cool.  And hopefully I got the message across about the Atonement that I was supposed to.
Tuesday was a GREAT day.  I finally caught up on photo editing!!!  What a good weird feeling.  I don't think I've been caught up since like May.  Seriously, it's been way too long.  Hopefully now that we finally feel caught up we can stay caught up and we are going to try REALLY hard not to bite off more than we can chew.  After I got the photo editing done and the CD delivered I got to go to our Relief Society Humanitarian Service night.  I started by tying quilts.  I know how to do it, I really do.  But for some reason I get distracted or SOMETHING and I still get the bunches of yarn at the bottom of the quilt like I did when I was a teenager.  I was also busy trying to watch Chico too so I finally abandoned the quilt and went and chatted with my friends in the ward.  Then they served dinner and then Brent came over when he got home from work and whisked Chico away so I could better serve for the rest of the evening.  So instead of tying quilts I colored alphabet books that go to help children learn English in other countries. It was SO nice to get out of the house and talk with other ladies.  I really enjoyed it.
Then I walked out to the car and found flowers on the seat.  My cute Sweetheart, I love that man.


Cleverly Triple said...

they symphonie sounds awesome! landon and i have yet to attend one together....sigh.
p.s. "chico" :)

Sarah Hatch said...

lol, thanks again my friend!

Cleverly Triple said...

ok so you can totally tell i have lack-of-sleep issues...i SO KNOW how to spell S-Y-M-P-H-O-N-Y...sorry i'm such a moron! lol