February 2, 2010

Never again, Mr. Chef Boyardee

It was a dumb idea in the first place, I'll be the first to admit.

So there has been this can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti sitting in our cupboard for a while. My mom gave it to us a while back.  Today I just needed something quick and easy for Chico's lunch.  So I threw it in bowl, microwaved it and gave it to him.  I had just gotten him out of the tub so I didn't bother to put his clothes on figuring he would get a bit dirty.
Oh my heck, I had no idea how that stuff just gets EVERYWHERE! That look on his face was how I felt. Though I don't feel as if this picture describes how truly MESSY he got. He's always been a messy eater but this stuff was all over him all the way from his hair down to his toes.  Ugh.

So I threw him in the bath tub again.  Scrubbed and scrubbed him off.  Then got him dressed and for the next half hour was scrubbing off the table, his chair, the floor around his chair, the wall, and our orangeified tub (from washing him off in it).

Totally wasn't worth the one and a half minutes it took to microwave.  This next picture he is sticking out his tongue at me and it seems as though he is saying, "Serves you right for trying to skimp on my lunch mommy!"


BHatch said...

The expression in his eyes reminds me of a horror trailer. They suggest intimidation, foreboding, a portent of evil to come. The graphic image that follows bespeaks carnage and despair...but, at least you had the presence of mind to get your camera!

Sarah Hatch said...

I wanted to document this moment so you could see what I had to go through today Sweetheart. :) Words sometimes just aren't enough, though your words are quit descriptive. Perhaps I didn't need my camera afterall. :)

BHatch said...

Maybe you should go into photojournalism.