February 11, 2010

screen saver

We have our screen saver mode on that one that randomly goes through your photos.  It makes me happy most of the time except for when I see those annoying crappy pictures that I should have erased ages ago It brings back so many fun memories of times Brent and I have shared.

Here are a few that just make me laugh every time I see them.

goofing around with a crappy camera back when we were engaged
Photobucket Photobucket

Brent is so awesome. While we were engaged we were busy with finishing a basement apartment to live in, going to school, and working part time. With all the stress and strain on our time he wanted us to still go on fun dates while we were engaged. So we dressed up one night and went and walked through Walmart. Because it's not a full body shot you can't tell but I was a hippie and he was a cowboy.  Because everybody knows cowboys are attracted to hippies. His face is priceless.

These next two are way awesome.  Brent's dad has a nice camera and was doing candid shots at the temple on our wedding day.  Well of course the WHOLE family was following along watching as we were getting our pictures taken and apparently Brent's little brother stole the camera from his dad and started taking shots of us and was apparently being all annoying like a typical younger brother should.  Funny thing is I totally don't even remember him doing this but I'm glad he did. They're some of my favorites!


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Anonymous said...

you guys look so cute in these pictures and I love how sarah is sticking out her tounge