January 30, 2010

chico, don't do that!... wait let me get my camera real quick!

Those were my exact words the other day when Chico did this to Brent. Brent was sitting on the ground, can't remember why exactly. Anyway, Chico saw this as a perfect opportunity to go where no chico has gone before. The sink! He climbed up Brent's body, Brent was too tired to stop him. He grabbed the scrubber and started working away. When I first saw it I felt bad for Brent and was telling Chico to get off of him but it was so cute I just had to capture the moment.

p.s. I finally fixed the html problem I have been having with this ding dang blog! For some reason it wanted everything to be one giant paragraph unless I manually entered some divider code. My other two blogs have never had that problem.  I did some digging through the settings today and figured out the solution.  Hoooray!  I'm so happy!

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