January 22, 2010

our little artist

This isn't the only canvas he has used, but this is the only time I laughed and thought it was cute, cuz it was just in our closet. I didn't laugh so hard though later on when he did it on our bedroom wall, and then got a hold of a dry erase marker and did a little design on our brand new duvet cover on our bed. I hope I can get that out. If anybody has any suggestions, I'm all ears!



But honestly, it was adorable how he was putting the pencil in his mouth. So dang cute. Oh, and do excuse the graininess (even though it seems to be the style lately...) I was trying to capture the picture quickly while he was still doing the adorable pencil in the mouth routine.


Christa said...

magic eraser for the walls, try a dry erase marker cleaner for the duvet, but if that doesn't work I would try Oxyclean.... good luck!! And WAY cute pictures!!! He's so cute!

horrocks_love said...

We've got a large white board on our wall and our little missy gets marker on the walls and her clothes. We haven't figured out how to get it off her clothes but magic erasers work for the wall.