January 10, 2010

A Newish Blog!

About a year ago I had a distinct feeling that I needed to turn our blog private. With our ever growing photography business I definitely feel good about that decision. But I have been feeling lately like I want to keep a brand new blog that isn't private. This blog address (sarahhatch.blogspot.com) is actually the first blog I created a couple years ago. It was when I very first started doing photography. Then I switched to a different blog name and this one just kinda stayed stagnant and I'd use it for proofs and stuff. But now I want to use this blog again! This blog will, in some ways, be a family journal but will more so just be a fun place to document every day, mommy-type things. If I feel the need to do any documenting that I don't want out there for the whole world to see, I'll record that on the private blog. This one will be updated more frequently so go ahead and add it to your blog lists and I'll mention if I add anything to the private blog. Oh and I would like to keep information about children private still. So our son's name is going to be chico. If you are going to say something about him in your comment, please refer to him as chico. (and if I slip-up and call him his real name please correct me asap!)
Anyway, so you'll recognize the 3 last posts, they're my most recent posts on the private blog, but they're the type of posts I'd like to do on this blog so I put em on here.
And have no fear, there will still be plenty of pictures of chico... hope you don't mind the watermark across the picture though, I still don't trust the cyber world.

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Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

Ok, I love love LOVE that header. Oh my gosh, I love it. I wanna share it on my blog. It just makes me happy.