January 28, 2010

call me crazy

I am really excited for the Olympics!

15 more days!!!

(wonder if they have one of those little sidebar countdown things for the Olympics like they do for babies???)

Crazy thing is, I don't have a t.v. and our internet is only so-so most of the time. Watching them is going to be tricky. Good thing Grandma has a tv.

I just LOVE the Olympics, it's so exciting and thrilling! Down-hill skiing, bobsledding, ice skating, SPEED SKATING!!! After the 2002 Olympics I decided I wanted to become a speed skater. I was showing my friends how fast I could skate and totally biffed it on the ice. A couple years later I tried again (again with friends) this time I biffed it and landed so hard on my knees I got giant hematomas on them. It hurt SO bad. I've decided that dream will never come to pass. But it's still fun to watch.

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