January 10, 2010

artsy craftsy week #1

Remember in my new year's resolution how I said I want to work on some kind of artsy craftsy thing at least once a week? Well... I've been obsessed. I had this idea to have a bunch of pictures pinned up somewhere in my house. The idea kinda stemmed off an idea I saw on a neighbor's blog and off of nie nie's blog. Both of them had them only in black and whites but I just am too in love with the color in a lot of my photos that I couldn't do that. So I had to come up with the WHERE to pin them and the HOW. My fun old roommate gave me a cork board/white board for Christmas one year. I decided to turn it around and spray paint the back all black. You can pin things into the back of both sides. The spray paint worked well and I was able to hang it in my kitchen!
* the only problem with the location of these pictures is that chico learned how to climb up onto our table the VERY same day I put these up. He loves to try to pull the pictures off. I don't know what to do. :( For now, we decided to just keep the chairs away from the table, though he's learned to push those around where he wants him to go too. sigh.

here is the close up view the picture isn't the best...

The next two pictures are of new cute things I got for decorating. (My house was in serious need of a woman's touch, I have been neglecting that part of my creativity).


I got these baskets from Michael's half off. They are perfect for chico's diapers and books and I had this cute blue frame that I've been meaning to hang up to go above them. I love how it turned out, but now I want to paint the handles on the bookshelf white or something. Brent told me it might cost more to paint them than to just go and get new handles. We'll have to check into that, because I'm really not digging the red. I can live with it for now though. :)

Lastly (for now) my mom gave me this cute collage frame for Christmas. I love the design and I love how my black and whites look in it!
And then lastly, I'd like to end with a funny story:
Last night my knee was hurting pretty bad from twisting it as I slid down our icy steps (in case you were concerned, it doesn't hurt anymore, no worries :). So Brent went to go get me ibuprofen and a glass of water. He comes in to the room with the water and then all the sudden his eyes get wide as he realizes he mindlessly took the ibuprofen he had just gotten for me! Oh man, we laughed so hard!

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