December 2, 2010

Activity Advent Calendar

This year I am determined to do fun things throughout December and I think I have a good way of making that happen.  Last year I saw this idea on someone else's blog but December was practically over by the time I saw it, so we're doing it this year instead.
It's called an Activity Advent Calendar. You plan fun things to do everyday in December... or maybe the 12 days of Christmas... or whatever.  I didn't think I could handle everyday in December and I also didn't want to mush them all into 12 days before Christmas.  So I just spread them out throughout December and planned it out.  So I wanted to share my list in case any of y'all might want to do something similar.

Send out Christmas Cards
Fondue Night
Go to Temple Square with the kids
Put up our Christmas Tree
Read Christmas Stories
Go to Ikea for our favorite Swedish foods (Brent served in Sweden on his mission)
Go to Carl Boch exhibit at BYU
Go Caroling at my Grandma's Rest Home
Make Toffee, Carmels, and Carmel Popcorn
Go Christmas Caroling with Brent's Primary Class
Make Gingerbread Houses
Build a Snowman
Make a Fruitcake
Have a Candelight Christmas Dinner with just my little fam
Have the kids act out the Nativity with their cousins

I thought of another one the other day but I can't remember... if it comes to me I'll add it. :) 
Do you have any fun ideas/traditions that I haven't listed that you'd like to share!?

Happy Holidays!


Debi said...

What a fun idea! We should go to IKEA together. We love their food too! Will you do the candlelight dinner on Christmas Eve?
p.s. Nelmo's pictures below are adorable. I can't get over how cute he is.

Sarah Hatch said...

We're doing the candelight dinner on Christmas Eve Eve. :) I wish we could do it on Christmas Eve but yeah not this year. We totally should go to IKEA together. I'll email you about it.:)