December 21, 2010

Our Weekend with the Rebel

It wasn't a weekend with a rebellious person (unless you count Chico when he's throwing a temper tantrum). No, I'm talking about the Canon Rebel.  Our other camera.  You see, we have two DSLR cameras.  The rebel was our first one, and then we got the 5D. So we hardly ever shoot with the rebel anymore.  I mean, why would you when you have a 5D??  Well, we were off to go to IKEA and the BYU art exhibit and I grabbed the Rebel because I just didn't feel like luggin around the big old heavy 5D.  You know, we really need to give the Rebel a little more credit, it takes pretty good pictures still, it's just not quite as good in low light and the quality isn't quite as good.  But I think we still got some nice pictures from this weekend:

On with the story!
Sweden has a special place in our hearts.  Brent served an LDS mission in Sweden for two years and then on our honeymoon we spent 10 days in Sweden.  Well, IKEA makes Swedish meatballs just like Brent remembers them.  They also serve Princess Cake, which is a fond memory for me from Sweden.

We let Chico get an adult serving of meatballs.  Yes, he ate all of them.  It's safe to bet that besides candy, meatballs are Chico's favorite food.

He even saved a little room for a slice of Princess Cake. :)

Photobucket Photobucket

After chowing down we went downstairs and bought some food from their Swedish Market... I can't spell it all in Swedish so I'll say it in English. Lingonberry Jam, Cracker Bread, Malibou Chocolate, and Rye Bread. Then we hopped back in the car and continued our voyage to Provo. We shouldn't have taken Chico to the exhibit at BYU, we'll have to go back alone to truly enjoy it. Besides the fact that he doesn't know how to whisper, he was crawling around with his boots on his hands like Curious George does in an episode we've seen way too many times, oh and the place echoes. Yeah, it was embarrassing.

On the way back Nelmo was very mad to be in his carseat and was screaming so we got off the freeway so I could feed him. After I was done we were waiting at a light to turn and a lady behind us rear ended us. It felt like she hit us HARD but she was going under 5 mph and no damage was done... kinda weird that it would feel like that. We got back on the road and visited Brent's sister Heidi. As always Chico had fun terrorizing her condo. He was really cute though when she was showing him the nativity. I'm so glad Brent got this picture it is one of my new favorites:

Next morning was a Sunday so I made waffles! I'm so glad oranges are a good price right now because we get to eat waffles our favorite way! You first put butter, then powdered sugar, and then you squeeze an orange over the powdered sugar. Yum! I's the best!


the rest of these are just random ones from my lazy Sunday:


 Somebody call the fashion police!

(Chico had been grumpy off and on that day. They were going to a primary activity that night and we didn't feel like fighting him about what he wore. That's what he wanted to wear so, so be it! (I didn't get to go because I'm still sick) 

Even though his fashion sense is a bit off, he's still one of the cutest kids around.
Photobucket The other cutest kid around is our long and chubby Nelmo. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket See how much he loves me? He was looking at me in all those pics.:) Last night for FHE Brent taught an awesome lesson about Christmas after he finished he said, "and now Mommy will be in charge of the game." I was put on the spot but I must have been inspired because I had the idea to play "Pictionary" for the game. It was so much fun to see Charlie guessing the things we were drawing. We were amazed at the things he was able to identify. Photobucket
After a couple minutes he stole the pen and started drawing things for us. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket 
At first we were guessing what he was drawing and he'd agree that indeed, that WAS what he had been drawing, lol. But then he started telling us what he was drawing. I think he drew every member of our extended family, and mickey mouse and all the clubhouse characters. It was so funny. We took a picture of his drawings, they're so adorable! Photobucket (he didn't draw the lion and sun, that was Brent. Each little squiggle on the page represents a different person or character. How funny and cute is that!?) 
After FHE we watch "It's A Wonderful Life".  That was my first time seeing it all the way through. I LOVED it! It was such a good message!

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