December 15, 2010

remember this guy?

Pictures of Chico have been missing from this blog a bit lately. He's still around and cute as ever. Here's some proof: Photobucket

Funny story: Photobucket Randomly one day Chico walked up to one of the ornaments on the tree and was looking at his reflection and he said in his most adorable voice, "Hello." 
Wish I could have caught it on video. Maybe I can get him to do it again... he's seen me re-enact it for people enough that he's jokingly done it a few times since then.

Photobucket "Mitey Mouse" as Chico says it. He loves going upstairs and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Seeing Mickey at stores... on sweaters... on his nightlight... it just brings him joy.

We've been doing some fun things this season but my list and plan I had is getting thwarted by sickness! We all (yes, all four of us) have a nasty cold. Last weekend's plans had to be changed and if we're not better by Friday I'll be very put out. Anyway, we're still having fun though. We're reading this book: Photobucket The Christmas Chronicles by Tim Slover. They played it on Classical 89 last year and they are doing it again this year. We listened to it last year and loved it so much that we decided to buy our own copy. It's kinda like the biography of Santa Claus. It's fun to read.  You can listen to the episodes here.  I kinda wish we had bought the audio version, he reads it much better than me and my voice is getting tired.

I don't have a picture of our Christmas tree in it's entirety yet, still have to make a popcorn chain with Brent and then it will be done. We were given this tree when my grandparent's moved into a retirement center. It's big and beautiful.  Maybe someday we'll buy real trees, but for now this is fun.
The other day Brent's co-worker let him borrow his macro lens. He brought it home and we had fun playing with it. I gotta get me one of those! They're fun! With it I took pictures of our special ornaments that Brent's mom gives to the kids on their first Christmas. 

Nelmo's: Photobucket 


And she gave us ours on our first Christmas: Photobucket


Joe and Raylene said...

Chico chico chico!! Man, that kid is adorable!!! Maybe the sickness hit so that you guys can relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit at home. :) So what is the purpose of a macro lense? Just taking up close pictures?

BHatch said...

Those pictures are so awesome, Hoeny! Nice job.

I'd like to take a long-winded shot at what Joe and Raylene said:

So what is the purpose of a macro lense? Just taking up close pictures?

You’re exactly right! Macro lenses let you to take up-close pictures. When you get up close to something it looks bigger. “Macro” means big, and so that’s where it gets its name. Most cameras let you take pretty up-close pictures. This is nice when you want to capture some detail in your spouse’s eyes or when your kids stick their face RIGHT in front of the camera. You can take the picture from just a foot away.
Not all macro lenses are equal. Some let you get REALLY up-close (within inches). Some are better at blurring out background than others, and some are good at magnifying micro things. Typically, the longer the lens, the more magnifying it does. The problem is that most long lenses will only let you get as close as a few feet away. Although you can still get excellent detail of eyes and stuff, if you’ve got a pretty long lens that’s also MACRO, the possibilities become ENDLESS! Especially when you’re curious about the surface anatomy of a frozen mosquito, or the pollen on the hairs of a bee’s back, or what strawberry seeds look like when they’re dime-size!
In some ways macro lenses are a lot like microscopes, so it’s a little confusing when we call them “macro”, but if you can imagine a picture of a staple on your computer as big as the screen, it’s easy to remember…MACRO!