December 7, 2010

while I'm thinking of it

So I have tons of pictures to post from the last few weeks but tonight we had a primary class party and I wanted to write about it.
We had Brent's eleven year old primary class over tonight for a party.  They are such good kids, we love them so much.  We fed them Corn Dogs and Doritos and I threw a bag of baby carrots on the table for some nutrition. :)  Then we threw on our coats and walked around to some of our neighbor's houses and caroled to them.  I've always wanted to go caroling and this was our perfect opportunity because kids make it so much fun.  Our neighbors seemed to really love it.  This one couple invited us into their home and fed us homemade mint truffles and showed us their awesome 100 year old home.  They had beautiful Christmas Decorations and they turned off the lights at one point to show them off better and all the kids in unison went, "oooooohhh!".  Us adults really got a kick out of it. 
We're gonna have to go again this December.  It was awesome!  Another fun part of entertaining kids as guests is for some reason y ou don't feel as worried about having the house spotless and looking your best and stuff.  Why is that?  Not sure, but it's nice.  I miss Primary, I can't wait until they call me in there  again someday. :)

So our tree is up, our house is decorated, and we've gone caroling.  Doing pretty good on our list so far! (see post below).  I've planned and helped plan and attended FIVE parties in the last five days.  Ward party, Nelmo's "blessing-fest Sunday", Brent's class party, and two family parties that I attended but thankfully didn't have to plan.  I'm pooped!


Jen and Daz said...

Awwwwwww reminds me of our primary class and all the fun things we used to do! You guys are awesome! Hope you have a fabulous Christmas season with your boys!
Sure do love you!!!

Sarah Hatch said...

Awww Jen, that brings back fun memories! You were an awesome teacher! I hope you have a fun Christmas Season too!