November 12, 2012

my 2 year old looking all grown up

I was taking some "school pics" of my nieces and nephews back in September and I had Griz jump onto the stool for a few pictures.  I hate the shirt he is wearing, shoulda combed his hair better  but oh well. These pictures are so him! Everyone talks about how much he looks like Brent but there is a two year old picture of me where if you cover up the long hair and switch the eyes from blue to brown you'd have Grizzly Bear. Though I agree, he does look like Brent too. :)


Am I sure he's only 2???

Such a sweetheart.

This one kills me...
Watch out ladies, with these big brown eyes you don't stand a chance.


Emily Davis said...

That last picture - just kills me!! You have the most adorable kids!!

Jenni Wood said...

Those are so cute!! And he seriously does look just like you, I know the picture you mean.