November 28, 2012

Super Heroes

This year for Halloween our boys were Spider Man and Captain America.  Thanks to the whole world talking about Halloween as early as September my Chico started pestering me (in September) to buy him a Spiderman Costume. We caved and did it. As often as his suit wasn't hidden he wanted to wear it.  I was doing a photo shoot of the cousins and he came upstairs with his suit on so I had to grab a few pictures of him performing his web (posing) action.

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After getting the suit for Chico, Griz needed to be a super hero as well. Captain America is a favorite super hero in our household and I saw one for sale at Kohls and next thing you know we have two super heroes running around the house.  There was some sibling rivalry over the suit for a few days and we were worried Spiderman had lost it's appeal. Thankfully the interest returned and all was right in the world.
As a side note as of today (Nov. 28th) Griz continues to wear his costume as often as we let him. Sometimes he pretends to shoot webs, guess he doesn't realize the different heroes have different powers. :)  They often hum the Avenger's theme music as they play in their costumes, then just today Griz told me "Ah nee mah hm-hm" (I need my hm-hm). I started laughing at him because it sounded so funny. I had no idea what he was talking about until he finally found the suit and brought it to me and said it again "Ah nee mah hm-hm". I started putting it on him and he started humming the Avengers theme music, "hmm-hm-hm-hmm-hmm-hmm" and it finally clicked. "Hm-hm" means his avengers suit! This kid is a total crack up, we were telling my parents this story and we looked over at him while we were telling it and he had a big old grin on his face. He loves the fact that we think he's funny.
Here are pictures of him throughout the last month as he plays in his costume:
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I really can't adequately describe how often he wants to wear his suit. He looks so dang cute in it we just have to pull out the camera again and again when he wears it.

Which finally leads me to posting about Trick or Treating on Halloween with the boys. It was SUCH a warm day, didn't need a jacket that night at all. My sister Emily came and joined us this year dressed up as Hermione. Chico was VERY insistent that I dress up too so my mom and I threw together a Cat Woman costume last minute (like literally it took like 15 minutes and we did it an hour before trick or treating). Brent lucked-out in not having to dress up because he got home right when it was time to leave.  If I could have had my way he would have worn a superman t-shirt underneath a partially unbuttoned shirt and undone tie. Woulda been hot, guess there is always next year. ;)
Anyways! Back to the kids. They really enjoyed taking candy from our neighbors.  Chico was especially skilled at taking more pieces than he was supposed to when the adults weren't paying attention.
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I got made fun of for the trick or treating sacks I supplied for my children. Yeah I guess they are a bit tacky.

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After hitting a bunch of houses we stopped at our neighbors house because they had a little neighborhood party in their driveway going on, we stopped and socialized there for a bit. It was a lot of fun. When we have a house someday, I'd like to do something like that. It was really fun to be able to chat with the neighbors whilst eating food and sitting around the fire.
Well the kids got a lot of candy which we ate too quickly and Chico has already commenced in planning what he wants to be next year. He has had at least 5 different ideas already. :)

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Emily Davis said...

Your boys are too cute for words.