November 27, 2012

Remodeling for my grandparents

This last summer there was a bit of a flood in my grandparent's basement. The insurance was willing to pay a handyman to fix it and we knew just the man for the job.
No, not Griz, though he and Chico each took their turns painting the inside of a closet door. They did a great job. Chico covered almost the entire area of the door alternating between the roller and the paintbrush.  He even added some decorations by sticking some of his fruit snacks onto the wet paint. I wish I had gotten pictures of him doing it. I didn't pull out the camera until Griz was doing it though and he was so cute and having so much fun in the process.

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Chico was having fun doing his climbing on the stairs. Had to get in as much climbing as he could before the furniture got moved back in.

Brent did a fabulous job on the remodel.  It was so beautiful when he finished, I was sorely tempted to ask grandma if we could move her stuff somewhere else so I could make it a photography studio. But it's her one room in the basement we haven't taken over yet and I just knew it wouldn't fly, so I didn't even ask. :)

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