August 10, 2014

Bubbles, Mud Holes, and Dinos

Well, here it goes,  I am going to try to update the blog more frequently than once every month or two. I want to record more of the things that are going in our lives, not only the things I happen to capture in pictures but also day to day things. So, I will start by talking about the kids. From youngest to oldest:
 Sanna is turning into a kid before our very eyes. During this week she has started to prefer walking to crawling. It is the cutest thing in the world to see her stomping along in an unsteady gait as fast as she can, constantly losing her balance and plopping on her bum.  She loves having books read to her now.  She says a few words, uh oh, mama and dada of course are her words she says a lot. But I SWEAR she can say the boys names too!!! I'll be calling out to the boys and she will copy me and it sounds like she is calling out to them too! Chico walked into the room this morning and she lit up and I swear she said his name. It is so cute!  I am listening right now as she is battling Griz for a book. She is fierce. She is going to be good at holding her own with two big brothers.
Griz has been seeking for more attention lately, often by destroying things in the house lately. Being the middle child I think he has felt a little neglected.  Well it worked, and we have been trying to show him extra attention and it has really been paying off.  He has grown up so fast and likes to talk with us but he still needs cuddles and loves. He is a crazy man on his bike, he loves riding it. He is actually quite good. He can ride a tight circle over and over again. Granted he is using training wheels but still. He's quite a good 3 year old rider.
Chico has loved creating lego things lately. He almost always has a lego creation in his hand. He loves building with the little legos so much and has really enjoyed the fact that I finally have let him have legos in the house. He still loves to draw though he hasn't been doing it quite as much this summer. The other day he pulled out his drawing stuff and after about 10 minutes he said, "drawing relaxes me".  That is so cool to me.
I went to my high school reunion last Saturday. It's been 10 years! It was fun to see old friends and talk to some that I haven't gotten to see as much.  I really missed some that are far away and couldn't come... like in Korea ;).  Brent felt like he knew more people at my reunion than he would have known at his own. It's because of photography jobs, I'm grateful for photography that keeps me in contact with old friends. Though friends, I'm happy to hang out whenever, you don't have to pay me to get together. ;)  Brent said that two different people asked him if I'm still writing. That surprised him to have them ask that because I haven't been doing any writing since then.  I think it's cool that people thought the poems and essays I wrote back in the day were good. I loved my AP English class, it was seriously one of the best classes I had in High School.  Of all the things I was interested in back then (art, choir, and writing) I don't regret my decision at all to pursue art in college.  Maybe English would have been a good minor but it was really cool to learn Spanish so I don't regret that either.  One thing I do regret though is from high school, I almost signed up for swim team but chickened out. I've discovered my love for swimming laps in this last year and a half. It would have been a great sport for me back then. Oh well, at least I can do it now!

Anyway,  now onto the pictures:
 Griz was playing with bubbles and I came outside to take pics, though he wasn't in the mood. Sanna was standing at the window wishing she could come out.  She's constantly got something in her mouth so that's not surprising!

It's $2 Tuesday at Thanksgiving Point in August so we went to check out the dinosaurs with the cousins. It was a lot of fun!

 Later that day the boys (with a little help from Daddy) dug a really deep hole that they then filled with water. It looked so funny seeing his head poking out of the hole.

Climbing out of the water hole.. notice he is wearing ninja turtle clothes. Anytime they are clean he loves to wear them!

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I love the pictures Sarah!! They sure brighten my day -- Dad