August 18, 2014

week of the sick kids

This week...oh this week. We spent much of this week at home because the youngest ones had colds and coughs. Then Sanna started having a fever Thursday night.  With continuous fever reducing medication she has still been as needy as a newborn. Except she doesn't sleep as much as a newborn does. Let's just say I am very very tired.  Oh, and did I mention she's had diarrhea off and on all month? I guess it could have been worse. But I'm tired so here I am complaining.   We've had a lot of screen time because of the sickness. Luckily Sanna could care less about tv and while the boys are watching she'll be doing her own thing.  She sure loves books lately.   


Chillin in the car seat.  When she first started doing this we thought she heard us saying to the kids, "time to go, let's go get in the car" and so she got in too.  I think it must have just been coincidental timing because she does it at random times during the day too.

In an attempt to cheer up Sanna I opened up "Photo Booth" on the computer and it actually did cheer her up for a bit.  Notice I put her hair in a little pony tail, her first one ever. :)



Power portal...


Lookin good!

Other notable things from this week... we took my sister's bridals on Monday, that was fun!  I had a visit from a friend on Tuesday and that was fun too!  Look at me finding the positive! ;)

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