August 24, 2014

Sanna is One!!!

Our baby girl turned one! What a year! I think back to what we were doing a year ago and I just can't believe it.  That sweet little baby is now a energetic-spitfire-toddler! She lights up our day, eases tension by her cute mimicking, and teases us with a mischevious smile and twinkle in her eye. She climbs up everything, I'm constantly pulling her out of precarious looking situations. She just thinks she's one of the kids!

See that mischief I was talking about? You can see it written on her face...
I will post her one year old/cake smash pics soon. I haven't actually taken them yet... Brent was out of town and she was sick and I was too tired from dealing with a sick baby. Speaking of her being sick, if anyone has dealt with diarrhea problems with their baby this age and has any advice please message me. I'm so at a loss to know what to do.

Anyway, other pics from the week:
Our neighbor came by to show Brent this wasp he found. Brent was out of town so I took a pic so we could show Brent.  I've never seen one that big, it's crazy!

My sister is getting married! (Oh yeah, I should probably post her engagements soon).  Anyway, her bridal shower was yesterday and it was a lot of fun!

 Silly Sanna

Following the shower we had a birthday party for my Uncle and then at the end of that party we had a piñata for one of our nephew's birthday. So fun!

 The kids have hardly gotten to see Brent at all this week. In the pic above from yesterday's party he is just getting off work (hence the scrubs) and the kids just attacked him when he arrived much like the picture below.
The picture below is from when we were picking up Brent from the airport on Thursday.  We had dropped him off at the airport on Monday morning because he had two interviews for PA school! So he flew back east and had two different interviews at two different schools on back to back days.  It was exhausting, the timing was bad with sick kids at home, and I worried about him constantly.  BUT we are SO grateful that he got the interviews and we would be thrilled if either school offered him a seat. We will keep everyone posted!

See what I was saying about the climbing? I mean how is that even stable? The box is open!!!

Sanna climbed into her carseat to chill while eating an apple.

I gave them chocolate peanut butter toast.  Griz looked a little too much like The Joker, I had to get a picture.

We got out the camera to try and see if we could replicate the Chico video we have of him standing on the chair like this and shaking it and laughing hysterically when I was "smelling his bum". It didn't end up the same but she's still cute!

I've been trying to squeeze in some drawing and painting this weekend, it's been really fun.  I was struggling with a sketch I was doing of Chico, he looked at it and said, "that's the weirdest picture of me that I've ever seen". I laughed and said, "I know, I'm having trouble getting it right." So then 10 minutes later, probably feeling bad about what he had said, he came back and looked at it and said, "that's looking good mommy" with such a unintentional patronizing look on his face. I was laughing so hard on the inside but I accepted his compliment and thanked him. He'll have to work on his acting skills a little bit more I think, lol.

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Emily Davis said...

Hahaha, your story about Chico made me laugh. And yay for Sanna!!!