April 18, 2012

Clear as Mud

I was cleaning up the other morning and found some scrap paper Brent had been working Chemistry problems on the night before.  I just had to laugh.  I mean look at it!  After I showed him this picture he pulled out his notebook and showed me something even MORE complex he had been working on.  It's craziness I tell you!
I sure love my sweet husband and appreciate SO much all the hard work he is putting in. I also apologize to him for the glazed over look I get after he's been explaining Chemistry or Genetics to me. At least he gets a good laugh as he watches my head start bobbing when I fall asleep while I'm trying to listen.

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BHatch said...

Thanks Sweetheart for saying those nice things. Now that it's exposed to the the world, I'm embarrassed that I didn't write out the expressions a little more clearly so that it would make more sense under a little closer scrutiny. It really looks more intimidating than it is.
One thing that I've learned recently is that I can do stuff that I didn't think I could. I'm quite certain that if I was able to figure this stuff out, anyone can.