April 11, 2012

playin' in the dirt... again

Does it seem like all of my pictures are out in the dirt? Yeah, well... they're out there a lot.


They love climbing in that wheel barrow.  Chico really wants one of his own that he can push and dump.

Chico wanted to take a picture of me.  He was having trouble lifting up the camera so I laid down on the grass.  Guess we'll have to work on his focusing skills. ;)

I saw this article linked on Facebook and I really needed it. It talks about how our children need their moms. Thought I'd share it here. The article below it was really good too, this is the link if you want it here.
For me the first article's meaning had another meaning, it was that they need our time and our smiles and our playing with them.  I can't constantly be trying to get them to entertain themselves. They need their mommy. (Brent is so good at this when he is home and he really tactfully encourages me to do the same, I really want to be better at this).
Tonight Chico and I were giving each other BIG hugs.  He could feel my huge love for him and I know it made him feel so happy.  I love those moments.

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Jenni A Davis said...

So cute, they do love the dirt don't they?