April 9, 2012

proud moments

Caution to reader: If you're not amused by stories about kids poop and pee then you might want to skip to the next post (unless wedding pictures bother you too, then skip on to the next post, unless children bother you too, which if that's the case just don't read my blog). ;) For some reason I find these stories worthy to tell but I understand if you don't. Feel free not to read ahead, I won't be offended.
When you're single or have just a little baby in  your arms and you hear stories about kids pooping and peeing in places they shouldn't and all of that nastiness you have this illusion in your mind that you can probably prevent that from happening. Your kids will never do things like that! And then your kids get older and you realize  that you have less control than you think and kids will be kids.
Just in the last two days I've had two such experiences.
I walked outside to check on Chico and it looked like he was pulling up his shorts. For some reason I didn't think much of it for some reason. But then a little later he just randomly told me, "I peed in Grizwald's bike".
Fabulous, this is Grizwald's bike in case you were wondering how he could pee IN it. That's how.

And then the other morning Chico had just gone potty and he came out and I was helping him with something. Then I sensed that quiet that comes when one of your kids is up to something they shouldn't be. I told Chico to run and check on Griz.  Next thing I hear is Chico yelling, "He's drinking pee!!!" I sprinted for the bathroom and sure enough Griz was dipping a flosser in Chico's freshly peed in water and putting it in his mouth. Blech!!! Man I need to be even more viligant about making sure Chico remembers to shut the lid and close the bathroom door when he is done.  The reason he doeesn't have much practice in this is because he poops almost every time he goes to the bathroom so I come in and wipe him. His mode of telling me he needs to be wiped is classic. He yells at the top of his lungs, "Mom! You are ready to WIPE me!!!!"  Then he hides his head in the shower curtain and I walk in and he says, "Say, where is Chico?" and I say it then he says, "Say, I can't see his eyes or his mouth!" and I say it while I'm wiping him. Then he says, "Say, I'm just going to shut this lid on him." and I say it and shut the lid on him.  Then he throws the curtain aside and I say, "There's Chico!"  There are of course a few variations to this scenario but it usually follows that pattern.  It's quite the ritual.  So anyway, I'm usually in the bathroom with him and shut the lid for him and shut the door behind us. Guess I've got to start making him do it instead so that Griz can't get in again!

An interesting thing happened last night.  Brent was giving Griz a bath and he kept climbing out and at one point started peeing on the floor. Brent put him on the toilet and he finished it up on the toilet. Then a tiny bit later he wanted to sit back on it and he pooped in the toilet! We're shocked! He's only 18 months old, I'm not sure what to do. Part of me wants to seize the moment and potty train him.  It might not hurt to try, he's so interested in using the toilet. He just seems so young to me!


BHatch said...

I did like the funny intro though, sweetheart.

BHatch said...

I love the bike-chico connection picture! Very nicely done.