August 11, 2011

Crafty-type stuff

The curtains in this first picture are my pride and joy. Hours were spent on this project. Hours have been enjoyed sitting in my recliner looking at these curtains instead of the ugliness that is usually on the other side of that window.
Want to know how I made those curtains? Well, this is our comforter and I wanted something to kind of match it.:
So I drew the design on ironing paper. (Remember I was an art major in school, so that was the easy part). Then I ironed it onto the green fabric. Then I cut it out while watching The Biggest Loser with my family while Brent was in a night class. After hours of cutting it was finally ready to iron onto the white fabric. Then I hemmed it and put it up! ALL BY MYSELF! I was so pleased with how it all worked out. The curtains have been done for a while. I don't know why I didn't post sooner!

These next two are of the boxes I mod-podged. They've been done for a while too.  I had a bunch of free scrapbook paper given to me and since I do digital scrapbooking I put the paper to good use.
This box below was the first one I made and I covered every inch of that box.  I originally made it for Chico but after seeing the contention it would cause between the two of us (me yelling at him not to get in the box or draw on it) I decided I should just put some of my craft stuff in it. I gave myself a little area in our big closet for crafting.  I need to use it more often. Oh, and  you get a little sneak preview of my next craft project in the background there. I'm really close to having it done.

This box is bigger but didn't take me as long.  (I didn't do the inside or bottom). I patterned the tow truck off of one of Chico's toys which seriously just happened to be in the background when I was taking the picture! How funny is that!?

And lastly I made this wall hanging for my bathroom. It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped because you can see the wood through it but it's nice to have something on the wall finally. For some reason I'm not big into having pictures of people in a bathroom. I don't know why, maybe because my bathroom growing up never had pictures of people. I think it's fine when other people do, it's just not my thing.

Anybody else notice I've got a distinct color theme going on in these pics? And also, I used a different uploading company instead of Photobucket. Any problems with being able to see it anyone?

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Emily Davis said...

Ha, proof we're sisters - my house has a definite green theme as well :) Love all the crafty stuff!!