August 22, 2011

my boys

This boy loves the dirt. Especially eating it.  I couldn't help but take a picture of the remnants of a muddy treat he was enjoying.
He could play outside forever if I let him. He loves pushing the dump truck and Chico's big wheel all over the yard.
 Our yard has been chuck full of toys this summer. It's funny because I'll be cleaning up when someone is coming over and I'll get the inside of our house looking pretty clean, then they come to the door and I open it and our yard is strewn with toys. Guess I have another "room" to keep "clean" for a few more months.
When Chico is begging to watch t.v., throwing tantrums, acting exhausted, etc. I open the door to the yard, and all is right in the world again.

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Emily Davis said...

I used the same trick on Chico last week when I was at your house tending - he was being a pill about watching youtube videos, so I forced him outside and he became the pleasant kid that I usually know and love :)