September 6, 2012

jet skiing!

Brent's Dad bought a couple of jet skis and invited us to come with him up to Pineview to ride them. They are even powerful enough to pull a skier on. So Brent, and his brother Steve, and I went right out with Steve driving, Brent was the skier, and I sat backwards to spot Brent. Turning made me feel like I was going to go flying off the back. One time I did at high speed. It wasn't too bad, just a bit of a shock to the sinuses.
Steve and Brent's dad, Dan switched places. They also got out a more appropriate rope to ski with. When Brent got up and Dan and I started zooming around the lake with Brent in tow I was petrified that I would fall off. I know it probably wouldn't have been a big deal if I did fall, but I had this irrational fear that I would go flying off the back and make Brent let go without Dan noticing, and then Brent and I would be stuck out in the middle of the lake to get run over by other boaters. I don't know if those exact thoughts were consciously running through my mind. I mostly just didn't want to fall off and ruin the ride.  Anyway, once Brent finally went down, and they were laughing about how awesome he did, I burst out in tears. All the fear just came pouring out and I started yelling and sobbing about how scary it was and that I was never spotting again because you can't see where you are going, you have no way of knowing what's coming, and your balance is off back there with not a great way to hold on. Ugh, Brent says I wasn't that bad, it was just embarrassing to do it in front of my father in law. Hope he still likes me after all of that. Well, they were surprised, apologetic, and we sat the normal way on the jet ski and drove back in to shore.
After spending, what I was convinced were the last minutes of my short life on the back of a wave runner ;), and after watching, in what seemed slow motion, Brent's wedding ring float to the bottom of the lake, and after coming to the conclusion that my phone must have been in Brent's pocket and slipped out while he was getting dragged through the water, I was having serious patience issues with Brent. Not really. The phone will be easy to replace since my Mom's contract is up next week. Don't know what we're going to do about the ring though. Brent felt awful about it. I'm really sad that it's gone too, but we have to keep in mind that it's just an object. The memories associated with it are still ours and those are still intact.
The kids were excited to see us and Griz just went trucking straight into the water for his turn on the "bike" as he called it.


Look at him, all ready to go. He thinks he is so much older than he is, it's so cute.

We got Chico up there too for the picture.  Man my boys are looking old. Where have these last four years gone?!

Following that mildly traumatic experience, Brent took each kid out for a spin. They absolutely LOVED it. It didn't matter how many runs we took them on,  they couldn't get enough of it. Griz even fell asleep in the middle of a run, right there in Brent's arm. One time, while Brent and I were out for a spin, Dan took Griz out too. As quickly as they met up with us, Griz was saying goodbye to us so that he and Dan could get going as soon as possible. Chico loved it. He kept wanting to spot the "Great Father Bass" as Brent reported to him that he had seen some big fish jumping.


Dan, Steve, and Brent took one of the wave runners out for a spin. This time, Dan at the throttle, Steve in tow, and Brent spotting. Brent told me afterward that he felt a bit unstable spotting too. Brent didn't freak out like I did, but at least I was somewhat validated. :) One of the highlights for Brent on that run was getting dumped in the water with his low speeds. Are you sure you didn't have anything to do with that Brent(?)...When Steve got in the boat Brent rocked in until he dumped Steve in the lake, and then Steve dumped all of them in the lake again once they got back to the beach. Funny guys. We were so excited for Steve getting up on skis for the first time. Good job Steve!

After that I took it out for a spin, then later Brent went with me which helped me learn how to go faster and turn and lean the right way so I didn't feel so unstable. Enough about me. The boys loved going out on the jet skis and they loved playing on the beach and they loved sitting on the hot dog, and they weren't even traumatized for too long after we flipped while being pulled slowly around on the hot dog within the buoys.  When we flipped Chico held on for dear life to the hot dog, unfortunately it was flipped so he was underwater. I had to pry him off of there to get him up out of the water. He was just so worried he'd sink to the bottom of the lake if he let go even though he had a life jacket on. He recovered pretty quick though.We had such a good day. Two days later, Brent and I are a little (Brent a lot) sore and sunburned. Can't wait until next summer when we can do it again!

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