September 5, 2012

My Birthday!!!

So, it was my birthday recently.  Usually I don't notice the change mentally but it really hit me this year when I was at an MS convention lunch (on my actual birthday) at Market Street grill with my mom and the boys while Brent was at school.  After the convention I was in the bathroom of the restaurant and while I was washing my hands I overheard these ladies talking about this man with MS who was only 22 years old and attending Weber State. My initial thought was, "Wow, he's the same age as me." Then I looked at myself  in the long mirror with my two kids standing next to me and realized I really was 26 and not at that 22 year old phase anymore.  It was the first time I've actually felt older on my birthday.  Brent said he had similar feelings when he turned 26.  Anyway, thought that was worth noting, probably not, but oh well, I already typed it.  The lunch was fabulous, steak, halibut, green beans, salad, and chocolate cake. Even better it was free! The boys behaved themselves really well.  It's always interesting going to those with my Mom and always makes me really hope that I never get MS and I hope they find a cure or a way to prevent it soon!

We met up with Brent afterwords and when I got in the car the song playing was, "You are the woman that I always dreamed of".  He had made a mix of all of our favorite songs and had them playing in the car the whole day.  That morning he also gave me the sweetest most beautiful letter in the whole world that made me cry and hold him close and count my blessings that I have a husband as wonderful as he is.  Our first activity on the agenda was bowling. I wanted the boys to come along. They've never been before so it was fun to have them there.  They loved it, it was so cute to watch!


After bowling we drove to Salt Lake and walked to City Creek food court so the boys could play on the dinosaurs.  We've been there once before, like 5 or 6 months ago. When we got there Chico started running his fingers through his hair and anxiously uttered, "Oh! I fowdot about dis pwace! ... I wemembow dis pwace!" They took off and played like wild men.
A week or so before my birthday we had seen Spiderman with the boys, so it's been a frequent topic of discussion of late.  Chico was shooting real webbing out of the ends of his fingers with Grizzly and the other boys, when he enthusiastically ran up to us and whispered with as much enthusiasm as secrecy, "I have a seekwet to tew you dyes! Amazing Spidowman!"  It was so dang adorable how he said it, and I'm sure he really did feel like Spiderman climbing on those dinosaurs. The rubbery texture is perfect for climbing with hands and bare feet.
After that we walked upstairs to Kneaders. This was our first time going there and we really liked the food. We bought a loaf of Rosemary Focaccia Bread afterwords and ate it on our way back to the car. I'm going to have to figure out how to make artisan bread, it is so yummy.
As we walked back to our car through Temple Square we stopped and took pictures. 


Chico took this one of us, awesome pic Chico!


(Notice the wedding ring still on his finger...more on that later)
I love this sweet man and thank him for making me feel so loved and special on my birthday.

A thoughtful woman saw Chico taking this picture and asked if she could take one of our whole family...


I love my forever family!!!

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