July 22, 2011

Guess who's THREE?!?

We recently celebrated Chico's third birthday! I just want to take a minute and talk about Chico.

Chico tends to be shy towards strangers, and hide behind my leg like they're going to kidnap him. But if he's in the right mood he'll be a social butterfly and say hi to everyone he sees.  He LOVES saying "hi" to older people.  He has grown up hanging out with my grandparents a lot and I think he just knows how cool elderly people are.  He brightens peoples' day all the time by saying "Hi! What's your name!?"  It's adorable to watch on hikes.
He loves babies and apparently dotes on the baby that comes to nursery with her mommy.
He loves playing with his Legos and builds all kinds of cool creations. It's so much fun to see his imagination at work. Brent and Chico and I had a little conversation the other day that made me laugh so hard.
Brent: Chico, what does Heavenly Father want for us?
Chico: Wados (Legos)
Me: Chico, do Legos make us happy?
Chico: Uh Huh!

He's got such a fun imagination. He's constantly surprising me with the things that come out of his mouth.
His ice breaker statement is, "So, I had a bad deam", usually followed up by "....da dotes put me in da watto..." (translation: I had a bad dream, the goats put me in the water) He pulled out that one about 10 times a day, until recently, he's started to ask, "So what do you deem about Daddy?" It's adorable.

He is an awesome big brother even though Grizwald is starting to steal his toys which is causing some frustration. Chico loves Griz and is usually so sweet towards him.  One time I picked up Chico to go somewhere and left Griz with my mom.  After a few minutes in the car all the sudden Chico said, "Uh oh! We forgot Griz!"  I love how they communicate with each other through smiles and some brotherly bond that they have. Chico can get Grizzly laughing so hard. I love it when he does that.  When Griz is crying I ask Chico to make him happy and he always sings "Twinkle twinkle Little star".  Have I mentioned what a good singer Chico is? He's really awesome and has really good pitch. It's so cute to hear him sing to himself or start singing along with his favorite song, "All Creatures of our God and King".

Ice cream is NOT his preferred dessert choice because it's, "a witto bit..tode". (translation: it's a little bit...[pause for effect]...cold)  Sometimes when he tries a food he doesn't like he politely spits it out, gives a thoughtful pause and says, "it's a witto bit...[another thoughtful pause]...yuttie."
He loves his sippy cup filled with "mut".  He'll always be sure to specify WHERE he wants to drink his milk as if "milk" has its own conjugation.  "I want mut ah bed" or "I want mut in yo woom" or "I want mut in da funt woom".
He can be pretty hard for people to understand sometimes and I feel like I have to translate for him a lot.  I am amazed at how fast he has progressed in the last 9 months.  He hardly could say 50 words when Grizwald was born and now he can say almost anything! Some of the cute things I want to remember he says: "Lookin' good Mommy!"
"Holy Smoly, how I do dat?!" and of course I can't think of more right now.  One of my favorite things he pronounces in such his OWN way is ....

"Martin and Dean" aka Lightning McQueen


He loves the movie cars but he especially loves his little hotwheels, Lightning McQueen car.  That little car goes everywhere with us.  "Where's Martin and Dean!?" is a common question coming out of Chico's mouth. We're always sure to keep a close eye on him so we don't lose him!
I borrowed a Lightning McQueen cake pan from my friend Megan. It has all the frosting directions with the pan and I was doing pretty good until I got to the red part.  You're supposed to use a star tip for the red frosting but I put so dang much food coloring in it that it was too runny.  Oh well, it still looks incredible.  I'm going to have to apologize to the rest of my future children right now, sorry kids I don't think I'll be able to do this elaborate of a cake for you guys.  I don't think I am ever doing a cake like that again.  I felt like such a neglectful mother. I would have never gotten it finished if it hadn't been for my mom letting me do it in her kitchen while she entertained and helped with my boys. It took me around 6 hours to do it all I think.  I like cute cakes, but I think I'll stick to cakes a little more at my level and with a few less color changes in the frosting. :)  Thanks Megan for letting me borrow it though, the cake was a hit!

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Kyle and Megan said...

Happy Birthday Chico!! Your cake turned out great! I love it!