July 20, 2011

we love our yard

It's so nice to just go and lay in the grass, let the kids crawl around and play with their trucks in the dirt, go and pull a few weeds, admire my beautiful flowers that are filling out quite nicely, cut some lettuce and cilantro for dinner, and watch and wait with anticipation for the rest of the plants to ripen. Sounds magical right? 
There is only one bummer. The owners of the goats put up an additional fence, so now we can't feed the goats anymore. We can just wave at them from a distance. Our goat chasing days are apparently over. Then again, I wouldn't put it past them to get through both sets of fences. You never know.Photobucket

We love it when Grandpa comes to say hi. :)

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Erin said...

I love how much blogging you have been doing lately! All the posts are great! We are moving next week and we should get together often over the next year of me living 5 minutes away!!! You are great!